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    mini durability
    Hi folks. I recently got a ipod mini. I am new to the whole ipod experience and must say it has made a great first impression. I might be a little paranoid but my question is, how durable are the ipod minis? I was treating mine very gently, but one time I was sitting at my desk with the ipod in my hand, as I was gingerly placing it back down on the desk, it slipped out of my hand about a half inch from the desk. so it actually on fell a distance of one half to three quarters on an inch. this might sound stupid, but, with the hard drive and all could something like this hurt the ipod? Thanks P.S it appears fine

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    I've never seen any shock resistance or durability tests for the iPod or mini but (occassional) small drops like you describe won't hurt it. If you are worried about long-term damage you may want to invest in a good case.

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    Just try not to drop it whilst it's loading new songs off the harddrive...

    My friend was recently holding his mobile phone and my 20GB iPod in his hands. Somehow the cell phone slipped from his hand and he literally flung my iPod across the room as he lunged forward to catch his mobile.

    After I stopped beating the **** out of him, I checked my iPod and it was unscathed and was even still playing a song...

    I'd definitely get a case though - If not for my Xskn it would've been soooo scratched by that toss...

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    I don't baby mine and it still works.

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    They are actually pretty durable. I was sitting in math class and i was lsitening to it and i thought it was in my pocket but it was in my desk and i ran to get somehting and it flew out of the desk and smashed down onto the floor hard. I picked it up and there were no scratches, dents, and it was still on and playing a song. Don't drop it on hard surfaces to often and it'll be fine.

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    I have dropped my 20G iPod about 3ft onto concrete twice. I had it in my shirt pocket an bent over to pick up something. Each time it put a small dent in the case but still worked fine.

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    Buy a case. You won't be sorry.

    My girlfriend left her mini in her gym bag and the next day found the screen was cracked. It still worked, but she had to have the screen replaced.

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    I recently invested in an iPod Mini Skin made by Speck Products, It looks good and is completely protected with a skin tight case and it works just as well! It's great! You really should get one.

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    I am an electronics accessory sl*t. I simply cannot buy a new gadget and not get a some kind of do-dad to go with it. I purchased my mini last weekend and got my iSkin case with screen protector today in the mail. It covers all the exposed ports, except for the hold button, earphohe jack and click wheel. Encases the whole thing in a silicone glove of protection. Gotta love it!
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