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    Moving iTunes to a new computer

    When I purchased my iPod (touch), I synched it with a friends computer. He ended up moving out, so I purchased all my music from the wi-fi iTunes store on my iPod.

    Then I wanted the 2.1 software update. So we synched it to his computer again, but this time it deleted all my purchased music. We got it back eventually.

    Now I have my own computer. I was wondering how will I be able to transfer the music from his computer to mine, without losing any of my songs that I purchased from the wi-fi store?

    Thank you!

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    yeah bro easy all you have to do is find the itunes music folder then copy that to a flash drive or somthing. On your own computer just sign into itunes and then it will ask if you want to transfer purchases if u say yes or okay then all your songs/apps/podcasts you downloaded will be downloaded to your itunes libary and then you can sync em agian

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