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    iPod past repair?
    I was watching a movie on my iPod today. I paused it and when I came back it was turned off. I hit menu to turn it back on and the restore message came up on the screen. I brought it home and plugged it in to restore it. The first time I began the process the iPod froze midway through, I think. The computer itself said the restore was finished but the iPod was frozen, nothing on the screen of the iPod was moving. I couldn't get it to do anything so I let the battery drain itself since it also wouldn't shut off. I think began the process again. The second time it didn't freeze but I get an error message that the iPod is busy and will not restore. I checked Apple and tried all of the things it suggested to get it to restore correctly to no avail. I'm thinking it's dead. The warranty was up in June so it's about two and a half years old. I was just wondering if I had any options or if any one could tell me something to try.

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    That's really odd, my only suggestion would be to bring it to an apple store and ask them, because it seems that you've tried everything...

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