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    iPod 160GB+MacBook Pro+iTunes=slow searching
    Good evening,
    My iPod 160GB is very slow when searching. I get always a little colored ball turning every time I attempt to search, delete or add songs when connected to MBP. Very boring those seconds lost just waiting. Anything to do do solve this matter. iPod is full with 132GB. Is this the problem?
    Thanks for your attention

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    well theres a couple solutions 1) make sure your not running a lot of apps and check how much cpu your using in "Activity Monitor" but if u have a mbp shdnt be a problem 2) try restoring your ipod i had to with ipod touch 8gb only took me about 10mins to sync back all of my 1000+ songs
    -I hoped this help if not tell me and ill try and look into it =)

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    Good morning,
    Sorry but I did not check this forum anymore since it seemed my question had no answer! Thanks for helping. It looks like this is not a frequent trouble to others. When you say restoring and sync, you mean to back up entirely and re-format iPod and re- install all?
    Thanks and regards

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    Good afternoon,
    Here is what I did. I made a backup of entire iPod using Senuti.
    I have upgraded to newest version proposed on Apple side and I have formatted it on Windows since it works both ways Windows/Mac.
    I have installed all my music back and guess what?
    Little color ball continues to brake operations. No freezing, but just boring when adjusting adding or deleting anything via iTunes 8.02.
    I start to believe that the 160GB once full over 90%, it is too much. I believe that the smaller capacity iPods are better. 2-3 rather than one big. Maybe?

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