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    30g iPod stuck on Do not disconnect
    Help! I plugged my iPod into my computer to sync and the computer did not recognize it right away. I realized that the hold button was on and slid it over, but nothing changed. I disconnected it anyway, but now it is frozen and I can't even turn it off.

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    Did you try restarting it?
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    Few things you can do. First try pressing the menu button at the same time you press the center button. Hold them until the iPod reboots (you'll see the apple icon.)
    Also, flip the hold switch back and forth a few times.
    If that doesn't work you may have to leave it on until the battery goes dead and recharge it.

    Same thing happened to mine a couple of times (5th Gen.) Usually, rebooting the iPod works just fine. Only once did I have to let the battery run out.

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