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    Lightbulb Multiple iPod Docking Solution?
    so the family is now at the point of having 4 iPod devices -- 2 Touches, 1 Nano, 1 iPhone. All vying for space at the iMac. Is anyone aware of mulitple iPod charge and/or sync docks out there?

    All I've found so far is the Griffin PowerDock (PowerDock) that is very cool, but only charges (does not sync).

    I'm trying to avoid having to get yet another powered USB port to plug 4 iPod cables into and all the rats nest that goes with that.

    Anyone seen anything useful out there?

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    Well, I bought the Griffin PowerDock (4 space) off eBay relatively inexpensively. It is as advertised - a heavy duty 4 space charger for all things iPod. The iPhone, iPod Touch (2) and Nano we have all fit nicely in the docks. All but my son's iPod Touch fit with their cases on -- he uses a silicon case and I think the "spongy" factor prevents a good contact. My Griffin leather hard shell case on my iPod Touch doesn't interfere with docking at all. My wife's leather iPhone case also docks fine.

    This thing is only for charging -- there is NO sync'g function. But, we don't need to sync everyday, but we do need to charge everyday (especially the iPhone). So this thing reduces the clutter considerably, tidies up the desk, and looks pretty cool. The only real complaint is that the power cord is not very long (maybe 3-4 feet) so I can't put it where I want it in my particular situation.

    If they could just add sync'g this would be the perfect accessory. Oh, and LED's to show charging status on each dock would be nice (there are no indicators of any kind on this thing -- you have to check the iPod to see if it's charged).

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