Lately when i try to sync my 80gb classic, I open up itunes, then plug my ipod up. It immeditly says Syncing in itunes and also my ipod - like it should.

However briefly after, itunes just continues to say "sync" and my ipod says just "connected" it'll sit there all night like that - yes i let it go over night.

Generally I think it syncs it, but I can never disconnect or "eject" the ipod from itunes bec it always thinks it's syncing, and I never know when its "really done" I've been letting it sit for awhile, then unplugging it.

I tried a hard restart on the ipod and no good. I updated itunes to the newest version and still no luck. I just restored my ipod now, and its in the middle of re-syncing all the songs as I type this...but who knows if it'll stay on sync all night, or if it'll let me know when its done like it should...

anyone else experience this before??