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    Itunes & Ipod
    First let me say I don't have or never have used an ipod. But the problem is, I got my wife one for xmas. We have a very extensive CD collections and she has decided to load up her 20 gig ipod with every CD we own.

    So she keeps loading up itunes on my Mac with songs. It's killing my HD space! She says if she takes songs off itunes, when she hooks up her ipod for updating, it takes the songs off her ipod.

    I do have a external HD put I use that to tranport files and my internal HD is only 13 gigs.

    is there a solution to keep songs on a ipod but not in itunes?????????


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    Very simple solution. Have her plug in her iPod like she normally does with all of the music on your computer. On the bottom right corner of iTunes you will see an iPod icon you can click. Set music management to manual. Now you can erase all her music off of your computer and everytime you plug her iPod in to put on more music you will just have to drag the music over to the iPod instead of having it automatically update
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    Thanks. That's what I need.

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