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    Question about purchasing an iPod Touch
    First post to the forum...recently switched over from pc based laptop.

    I purchased a MacBook a couple of weeks ago and I thought that I might compliment it with an iPod Touch.

    I have been flipping through a few Mac related magazines and I am wondering about the companies that advertise hardware.


    Are there any of these resellers that are not authorized Apple resellers?

    I don't want to buy something and find out later that it isn't supported because it wasn't purchased from an authorized reseller. Am I correct in being concerned about this or not?

    If so, how do I determine if a given reseller is legit?

    Can I mention reseller names on the forum?

    Thank you.

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    You should be able to give out the reseller's names. Also, usually in a flier or something, at the bottom it will have an Apple logo saying "Apple authorized reseller". If you go to the store itself, just ask. Also, I think any store that sells anything Apple is an "Authorized reseller".

    Hope that helps.
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    Ok, thanks.

    The one ad in particular that caused me to ask the question is called SIG Electronics which looks like it operates out of Canada.

    Does anyone have any experience with them?

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    So I called the company and the phone was answered by a female with a very pronounced Asian accent. I could hear water running and the sound of dishes in a sink. In addition to the accent her English was, shall we say, incomplete. I said that I would like to ask some questions about their Apple products. She said that the person that I needed to talk to was on the phone with someone else so I decided to let it go at that.

    I would have saved about $50 by going with them rather than dealing with, say, MacMall and decided that it just wasn't worth it. In fact, the difference is closer to $40 after a rebate on UPS Ground shipping.

    Interesting, though. A fancy full page ad in a serious publication was apparently for an outfit that couldn't even offer basic phone support. Not very confidence inspiring.

    Their software prices (and almost all prices) are very tempting so perhaps I will take a chance on them when the money involved (and the potential CS followup) isn't as important.

    I would still be interested in anyone else's experience with this reseller. And it would be nice to know what good experience anyone has had with any other reseller.

    I am only a few weeks into the Apple environment and discovering who (other than Apple, itself) is reputable and a pleasant CS experience would be very helpful...this is sort of like moving to a new town and trying to find an honest and competent auto mechanic.

    (This was, BTW, for the 32gb Touch)

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