I just got a new ipod touch, but when I plugged it into the FM Transmitter I use in my car ("roadtrip"), I got a message that said "Charging is not supported with this accessory". It wouldn't be too tragic if it just didn't charge, but I couldn't get it to play through the car speakers at all! I just plays through the ipod's built-in speakers... Is there anyway around this? Do I really have to buy a new transmitter? How will I know which ones will work?

This is really frustrating! The old ipod touch worked with it fine, but I had to replace it because it got stolen. ****, I even know who took it. I was his boss at the time for christ's sake. But of course, I couldn't "prove" anything to the cops (no cameras), even though he was the only person in the back room when it disappeared, and he has a record... What a creep.