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    Nov 25, 2008
    ipod touch 16g or 32g?
    I am looking to buy an ipod touch but not sure what size i need? How much room do the apps take and up? does anyone us up all the gig space on the 32g?

    thanks in advance.

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    Oct 25, 2008
    2.4ghz MacBook Aluminum/ 16GB IPod Touch :D
    I would say 16gb is perfect. I personally don't have a huge library of songs but I have a fair amount of videos and apps and I am about 9 gigs threw my 16gb iPod touch. I think 32gb would be a little much and 8gb would be not enough.

    So I say 16gb

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    To answer that, look at the size of your own iTunes library. None of us know how much music/video you have or intend on getting. Apps are typically very small. Your music and video will absorb most of the space.
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    ipod 32GB is better regarding memory.

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    IF you can, go with the 32.

    Once upon a time, when iPod nano was first released i got myself the 2gb model. Well, maybe because i live in a third world country and i dont swap electronics as fast as i change my underware, but up to date my nano is still my companion and i now regret that i didn't spend a couple more dollars and get the 4gb model.

    So its up to you, you gonna change your touch as soon as a new one comes in? or you gonna keep it till it falls apart?
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    Jan 07, 2008
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    I've had my 32GB for a week now.
    There are 75 albums in it so far (128kbps AAC) which is roughly 3GB.
    I'm really happy with it!

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    Nov 25, 2008
    thanks for the input it helps alot . just wondering if u have to purchase music from itunes to put in ur ipod or can it come from different sources?

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    Feb 18, 2007
    It can come from many sources. I have the 8gb touch and wish it was the 32. My library is huge though. Under the "File" menu drop-down you can add to library. Whatever you get you are going to love. I'de also recommend the screen covers and a nice rubber outside cover. They have saved me time and time again.


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    I have about 7Gb's of music/podcasts and 6 GB's of video podcasts/tv shows, enough to last me two or three days of watching over the weekend. I'd vouch for 16Gb's, though if you've got the money 32Gb's is a great deal.

    Yes, music can come from different sources other than iTunes (you can drop your .mp3's right into iTunes). I never used a screen cover for my iPod (though it's occasionally had to share a pocket with my keys), but I do have a rubber cover for the back. Just don't drop it

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    I was asking the salesman at a local Apple retailer if I should go 16 or 32... I like the idea of 32 gigs just because there's room for so much there, but then I looked at the size of my iTunes library, and well, it's about 5 Gigs right now. So, I didn't bother getting the 32 Gig, just because I know I probably will never fill it up, unless I find all the "good" music that was ever produced. LoL.

    I'm perfectly happy with my 16 Gig, and I couldn't ask for more, for the money

    But really, it depends on your iTunes library.

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    I've got a 16 and its' more than enough. My music library is about 28g, but I don't view the Touch as a device to hold everything I own. I put all the stuff I could reasonably think I would want to hear or watch on their, plus contacts and some photos and a few apps, and I've got about 14g used up.

    Unlike the 120g Classic -- which I think is as much a library backup device as anything -- I think the Touch is something I would change up from time to time, or before longer trips, rather than load everything I own on to.

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