I have a new 2 gig shuffle and I need some help...

I have made a playlist with 4 tracks, 2 x music and 2 x podcasts. When I drop the playlist onto my shuffle it sorts the tracks in reverse to the playlist when viewed in itunes. When I play the tracks on the shuffle, they play in a different order again. I don't have shuffle turned on!

It appears that the tracks play in order of Z to A podcasts, then Z to A music. (If I unmount then mount the ipod without playing any songs, they are displayed in a different order than they were prior to the ipod being unmounted)

When I use the Autofill feature and point it to my playlist, it doesn't load the podcasts - only music.

All I want to do is have a playlist play in my preferred order... Help.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS I found this article, but I just can't get it to work.
Apple - Support - Discussions - "Play order" on iPod Shuffle ...