I got a new ipod classic recently, like on the 10th, and was really enjoying. That is until a dropped it for the first time, and it started to skip certain songs. So I thought I should restore it in itunes, because itunes said if your ipod is having any trouble restore it to the original factory settings. So I did that, except now my ipod is empty and I'm not able to sync anything to it. When I plug in my ipod itunes says it syncing, but doesn't actually make any progress. Then when I try to stop the sync itunes becomes unresponsive. Then a message saying "Disk cannot be read from or written to." pops up. And I can't eject the ipod on the computer, it only ejects if I do it manually first.

Is it itunes causing the problem or the ipod? Any and all help would be appreciated. I'm using a mac laptop, not the newest generation, the previous one if that helps.