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    iPod Shuffle - Can I skip to an album.
    Does the shuffle allow you to skip to an album, or only one song forward or back. I've been looking in the features guide and couldn't see anything other than Previous Track/Rewind & Next Track/Fast Forward.

    When not in Shuffle mode, how does the shuffle determine the play order? i.e: Album 1 songs 1-10, Album 2 songs 1-10?

    I realise that the shuffle is very basic, but did not really want to push the next track button 50 times to get to the next album!

    Thanks in advance...

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    I have a Shuffle, and I do not believe you can skip to different albums. It's one song at a time only.

    I also believe that the "non-shuffle" order the songs are played in is the same as the order they appear in within your iTunes playlist.

    The shuffle works much better using playlists of your favorite songs rather than multiple albums which are listed in order.

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    It would be nice, considering how the capacity is at 2GB and will probably go up more, if they offered a way to skip to the next album or playlist. But for now, there isn't a way.
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    Thanks guys, it all makes sense. Much appreciated!

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