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    iPod Classic (1st Gen.) Back from Dead
    About 6 months back I had an alcohol-related iPod accident. I was listening to my 80GB Classic outside on the back porch while enjoying some adult beverages. Now, the next part is kind of hazy but what must have happened is that I went inside for some reason, and while I was inside I must have gotten distracted into doing something, and it started to rain. I didn't realize till the next day that my iPod and (cheap WalMart) speakers had been sitting in the rain all night. The speakers still work to this day, but the iPod was dead...I guess the rain got down in the headphone jack and shorted something out. Now 6 months later my dad calls me and tells me that he tried to turn on the iPod and it finally worked again after 6 months and a night in the rain. I've now got it connected to my PowerBook syncing my library onto it again. Crazy.

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    Wow Ive heard of that happening before for mostly cellphones, thats insane though. just dried out/worked its apple magic
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    Well the ipod finally dried out, how about you? Still on the sauce? :-)

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    Thats great to hear, a cool trick my friend told me about(which I did try ) was to put it in the oven on a very low heat like 20c - 30c it dries out in no time and is again usable... very crazy though, I wouldn't really suggest anyone to do the same.
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    One drawback of leaving your iPod in the rain overnight...after about 1.5 hours of listening, the battery is already at about 60%.

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    Well if it every happens again I think you can put it into a dish filled with dry rice. I know this usually works with wet cell phones. The water simply goes from an area of higher concentration (the iPod), to an area of lower concentration (the rice). The magic of Equilibrium!

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