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Thread: Original iPod Touchpad so much better.

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    Original iPod Touchpad so much better.
    Sorryfor the confusing sentence lol. I own the originsl iPod with the scroll pad and illuminated touch buttons on top. The newer iPods are of course better cause thye made advancements but the original styling is so much nicer. The new all in one click wheel in my opinion makes it look cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DV'SiBOOKG4
    the new iPods obviously have better batery life, controls, etc. But I have the original iPod with the scroll wheel and the 4 buttons on top. Anyone else agree?
    You have it? Or you like it? Your sentence was not really clear.

    I like the look of the 3rd generation ipods with the four buttons but the new one is definitely more efficiant.

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    yup, I have 2 third gens, and I like the look better. its also easier to use.

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    hey zeppster, you changed your avatar again.

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    I agree, I have the 3g because the all-white look is way cooler than the ugly grey clickwheel, and because it doesn't have any mechanical buttons (except the hold switch, of course).

    I bought it when the 4g came out, I tried both and liked the 3g better. Plus I got it at the same price than the 4g, but it had the dock, remote control and the holster, which for the 4g costed 39,- each...

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    I loved my 2nd gen iPod - the user interface was brilliant as you could just operate it through your pocket without looking...

    Apple exchanged it recently though (dreaded headphone jack broke again) for a 3rd gen model which has the benefit of not constantly breaking

    (see my blog for details)

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    I have the 3G also. I checked the 4G ipods and expected these to be shorter than it's predecessors but their exactly the same height. I had also expected the controls would light up the same. The click wheel is definitely less clutter on the interface but I feel it might be prone to break if dropped or worse spilled liquid over it. In conclusion, I like my 3G not because I own one but rather I feel it's more durable in the long run and I like the red LED gimmick for the controls which is real helpful in night time driving.

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    i have used my gf's mini and my friends 4gen. and my 3gen

    i do like the interface better on my 3gen...BUT it is nice that you really know when you hit the keys because it clicks...with my 3gen i am sometimes unsure if i hit a button or not


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    I love my 3rd gen iPod. I changed out my battery with the one from otherworld computing and it works better than new. But definately like my 3g better, but a little more storage space would be nice.

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    I like my 3rd gen more than the 4th as well. All white and no moving parts!

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