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    Question help with apple logo?!?
    On the ipod charger (small male end that connects into the wall adapter) there is a logo that I've never understood, what does it stand for!!?? it's a three pronged logo like a Y but with a circle as the center axis. kinda like:


    but of course its all connected lol.. also the top left line is in two segments as well as the bottom line. The top right line is solid. Does anyone know what this is? and if you do would you be so kind to tell me?

    I don't think of myself as a novice user, but this logo has really got me confused.


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    Does it look like this:

    It's a firewire logo.

    More info here. It's sort of like USB but different.
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    ha yes thats it!!! weird! I use fire wire all the time and have never known what that was thank you very much!!

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