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    Buying an ipod- A few questions
    I want to buy an ipod mini (179.99) and don't know too much about them so have a few questions from a novice (I'm only 14 ).

    1) How do you get the songs actually onto the Ipod? Is their some kind of cable and does this comes with the ipod that attatches it to you computer enabling you to move the songs from itunes into your ipod?

    2) My mac is OSX version 10.3.1 so will it work Ok with my computer?

    3) Do Ipods work with both Mac and PC or do you have to get it formated for what you want?

    4) I think i remember hearing a while back that the batteries don't last very long and are expensive to replace, is this still the case?

    Any help is much appreciated

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    1) All the cables you need come with the iPod.

    2) Yes.

    3) Yes.

    4) I think it's 80 to replace the battery, not sure though. Not had any problems with my iPod, but it's still new so I wouldn't know.

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    Thanks. 80 sounds like loads just to replace a battery!

    Just out of interest, where on the back of my imac would I plug in the ipod?

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    The battery is supposed to be good for about two to three years of "average" use. It can be replaced by the user for much less than Apple's service costs. This site gives the info: Cost of a new mini battery is listed at $29 USD. They also have a walk-through for the changeover at: You can also get an external rechargeable battery pack that will extend the playtime and save the internal battery.

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    You can plug the iPod into your mac using the firwewire port (or USB if you want). Firewire is faster though. And Yea, the iPod battery last for 500 cyces. This means you can fully charge, and fully kill ithe battery 500 times before it's permanenaly dead. As the battery is going to die, you will notice shorter battery life per charge.

    Good luck with the iPod. It's a great little thing...

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