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    Ipod in your Center Console
    Hey How's it going everyone?!

    I hope my first post is worthwhile for all those ipod users.

    It's a tutorial on how to integrate your Ipod into the car's design. (center console)

    Hope it wasn't posted before.


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    *intrigued, clicks link*

    Gathering the Supplies

    Here’s a list of the materials you will need and where you can purchase them. Materials should cost you $400–$500:

    CompUSA or the Apple Store

    * Monster iCable for iPod (with stereo mini-jack to RCA jacks)
    * Belkin car charger

    Alcone Theatrical Supply

    * Klean Klay (at least 10–12 1-lb bars)
    * Ultracal 30 plaster (25 pounds)
    * Loose-weave burlap (2–3 yards)

    Burman Industries

    * Sculpting tools
    * One-gallon mixing tub or one-gallon bucket
    * X-acto© knife
    * Dental acrylic (polymer and monomer)
    * Large bristle brushes
    * Plastic eyedroppers
    * Rubber mold bands


    * Universal mold release spray
    * Smoothcast 305 two-part plastic (one-gallon kit)
    * Oomoo 25 two-part silicone (one-gallon kit)
    * URE-FIL plastic filler (one pound)

    Fiber Optic Products

    * Bright white 3-mm LED
    * 4 feet of 1-mm unjacketed fiber-optic cable

    Local hardware store

    * Large piece of particle board (slightly larger than your console)
    * Masking tape
    * Blue painters tape
    * Black weather-stripping (if your car uses it on your existing console)
    * Flat black spray paint
    * Soldering gun
    * Roll of solder
    * Screwdriver
    * Black electrical tape
    * Dremel tool with various sanding and cutting bits
    * Sandpaper (various grits)
    * Electric drill
    * Silicone caulk and caulk gun
    * Four 1" × 12" boards, about 3 feet long each (will be cut later)
    * 2" screws
    * Rubber gloves
    * Dust masks
    * 1-mm drill bit

    Grocery store

    * Vaseline
    * Rolling pin
    * Plastic mixing spoons
    * Popsicle sticks
    * Wax paper cups
    * Rubber spatula
    * plastic wrap

    Pep Boys Automotive (or a similar auto supply store)

    * Automotive plasticoat spray paint to match your interior
    * Dual-outlet cigarette-lighter adapter
    * Dual LEDs with cigarette-lighter plug

    Fabric store

    * 1/8" foam rubber pad (gray)
    *gets scared, runs away*

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    its a nice site if you have the time, money and effort for it all

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    the final pictures on that website look decent though

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