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Thread: ipod radio thingie

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    ipod radio thingie
    hey guys. i don't know how it's called, but i'm talking about the device that lets you transmit music from your ipod in a wireless way to the radio. since i'm not familiar with them, let alone know which ones are the best, i need some help.

    first off, is this the best way to get good quality music? i know u can either get a car with ipod support so you just plug it in (but thats out of the question) or build it yourself (out of the question as well). so are there other ways i don't know of?

    anyways, what's the best one with the best quality on the market right now? please nothing above a $100. i've seen some friends of mine with 20 dollars ones that sound nice. but since i'm a producer and musician, i can't stand low quality music, it drives me insane man. i need a nice quality one. thanks for your time and help.

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    any radio transmitter made by griffin, belkin, apple, sony, and other reputable brands should be fine. The ones at the kiosks at the malls should be perfect for you!! Does ur car have an auxiliary jack. If it does, then use that instead of the radio transmitter.
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    I have a Griffin one and it sucks.

    I've found one channel that it's not bad on, but I still get static and it's even more pronouced when you hear "S" and high hat sounds.
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    if your car has a tape deck I would recommend to get the tape kind of adaptors.

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