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    Angry New Nano = new charger = more money for Apple
    Why does Apple have to be greedy. Just bought a new nano. My family owns 7 apple ipods of various generations and capacities. I just got a new 4 gig nano and it will not work with any of my chargers. Apple told me I could buy a new portable charger for approx $40 or an adapter for about $30.

    Give me a break Apple you got enough of my money and now you are just adding insult to injury.

    Apple employees tried to explain "new voltage" but clearly had no idea what they were talking about.

    Buyer Beware

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    Actually the pin configuration did change because of the exclusion of firewire. Not to mention the voltage could be different, but that I didn't read anywhere (not that I was looking though).
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    Why don't they tell you to save you a trip to get a new charger?

    It plays on my Bose dock, but it won't charge.

    I just wish someone would have told me first.

    Thanks for the info.

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    They don't tell you because there are way too many accessories that may or may not work, depending on if the manufacturer updated the PIN configuration or not (most didn't). Remember, firewire support has been dropped for years and the universal docks made by apple over the last few years charge my nano 4G just fine.
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