I've had this 20 gigabyte, 4th-gen iPod since Christmas. In general, I've had a **** of a lot of problems with iTunes for Windows(even before having the ipod installed) and it's proven itself to me as quite an unstable piece of software. I have the latest version, and the latest iPod firmware update.

The first time, iTunes kept crashing when trying to transfer songs. This was alleviated after I formatted the iPod again (after the first, initial, fresh-out-of-the-box format). I formatted Windows for an unrelated reason (doing some stuff with FreeBSD), and it took me a while to get iTunes to recognize that I do, in fact, have an iPod. It works fine now.

Trouble is, ever since I got it, the iPod will decide to skip a song that I want it to play, and goes to the track after that. It usually works after one or two tries, but it's a pain in the *** (especially with audio books).

I formatted the iPod again today to see if it would happen. It does. So I went into diagnostic mode and did a HDDSCAN after all the previous scan options:


I formatted it again, to get a clean HDD SCAN without any songs loaded, and I get the same error. I will be returning it on Monday, I hope it won't take me too long to have the issue resolved (I live in Turkey, so things can take a long time and/or money sometimes).