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    Which iPod to buy?
    Hi everyone,

    Just like to ask your advice on what type of iPod i should get, but first i'll give you a bit of background info.

    I started work at Kmart towards the end of last year and since then have been saving, always with an iPod in mind. Now today i have saved up around AU$420, and that should go up a few hundred with my birthday on the 31st of this month, plus i am making a website for a friend of ours who is starting up a new company, and that should fetch me a few hundred. Plus on top of that AU$10 pocket money each week (by the way, i'm 15).

    I've decided that i want the iPod photo 40gb. I am a gadget freak, and i enjoy the finer things in life, always going for the more expensive quality items. I'm not a music freak, but i do have alot of music i could transfer onto the iPod that i would listen to whenever i go out, or on holidays, etc. I would even use it as a stereo at home if i buy one of them stereos you can plug it into. I would even let my family use it if they like. Another good point is that when we go on holiday i could put all the pictures on there, seeing as though my dad takes his PowerBook G4 with us all the time. Then taking it to friends houses on a slideshow would be heaps good too!

    So i've been looking around, asking people my dad has connections with, and i've been looking on ebay too. I think that if i'm lucky i could get one for roughly AU$700, give or take AU$20.

    I've thought about the other models, but i don't really like the black & blue screens, and the iPod shuffle doesn't really interest me as it wouldn't hold enough songs and doesn't have any photo capabilities.

    So, in conclusion, i would rather get the iPod Photo as i like the latest technology gadgets. What do you guys think? Is it worth it? Should i wait for a new model to come out or wait until the current standard models come out with colour screens? How long will that take?

    I apologize for the huge story i've written out, plus so many questions i've asked but i don't really want to waste all my savings.

    Thanks so much for your time and i appreciate any response.


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    sounds good. I think itll be a very long time, at least a year, before a new ipod model of any
    kind comes out. the ipod photo will be good, if you have lots of photos, music, and files, you should be good with that.

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    sounds like you already have your mind made up Sounds like a good buy to me

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    Thanks Macman. That's good because i didn't want to splash out on one then see them bring out a new one. I should be able to get it at the end of the month, but i would also like to buy iPod socks, screen protectors and a hard case of some sort, and then eventually a stereo which i can plug it into.

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    Thanks Murlyn too - lol sorry didn't see your post!

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