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    Nano 1st Gen: Got wet and died
    Nonresponsive. Halp!

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    You can try and dry it out really well. Set it near a heater (not too close) and wait.

    Shake it to make sure most of the water is out. The heater should evaporate the rest.

    The battery will be completely discharged so when you plug it in it will take at least a few minutes before you "might" see anything on screen. But the screen might have lines across it, bad picture, or no picture.

    It could be toast.

    My daughters shuffle went thru the wash, but it made a full recovery.

    You just don't want to plug it in if there is water inside. You'll fry it for sure.

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    Worst case scenario, check out the refurbs on the Apple site. $79 for a 3rd gen video Nano.

    The Apple Store (U.S.)

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