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    thoughts about these 2 cases
    I am looking for opinions on either of these cases for a 2G iPod Touch? Do you have one or have you had either for past model iPhones or Touch?

    Switcheasy RebelTouch

    Griffin NuForm


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    There is obviously not a lot of input on these cases. So I'll update my post.

    I decided to order the Switcheasy RebelTouch. While I can't comment on the Griffin case, I like the RT alot.

    1. light
    2. aids in holding the Touch. Although I wish the underlayer was a bit
    3. comes with 2 screen savers. I needed the second. The first I ruined after several attempts trying to install it.
    4. on/off switch and volume rocker are covered and do not lose any
    5. comes with a stand for watching movies in landscape mode (if you care.
    I don't)
    6. the exoskeleton appears to protect all the important points.
    7. the price seems to be in line with all but the cheaper cases.

    1. The headphone access may be small for some 3rd party headphones. My Skull Candy fit fine and the case comes with an adapter for headphones that
    don't fit
    2. the dock port cover would be more useful if it was hinged off the case.
    It is small and thus occasionally hard to insert. I will likely lose it or
    stop using it

    Overall, I'd recommend the RebelTouch as a solid case that protects the Touch without adding alot of weight or bulk.

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    I would recommecnd you acrylic case chap and best only about 13.57. The case also provides full access to ports and iPod navigation.

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    I had a nuform case for my iPhone 3G, it broke after about 2 weeks. Terrible quality, stay away.

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    I picked up a Griffin Elan Form for the iPod Touch 2G at Target. It's interesting because, at the time, Griffin listed the product as "coming soon" on their website, but nonetheless, it was available at Target.

    It fits beautifully, feels very comfortable in your hand (it's laminated with real leather on the outside) and comes with a screen protector. So, the iPod Touch is completely protected. Highly recommended (if you can find it in retail).
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