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    16GB 4G Nano Resetting After Songs End
    Hi all,

    I am having a problem with my new 16GB 4G Nano resetting itself after a song ends. I would have assumed it was just an error with the iPod itself had I not had this very same problem (which I never looked into) with my 8GB 3G Nano. Which leads me to believe that it is a problem with the song(s) in my library. The problem most frequently occurs when i am in shuffle (over 1500 songs). However, what are the chances of the one problematic song coming up every 10-50 songs, which is how often the iPod resets? Also I originally thought that the problem was occurring with the next song in the shuffle but I have ruled this out I believe by quickly shuffling through several hundred songs without the iPod resetting. This would lead me to believe that the problem is occurring at the end of the current song and not the beginning of the next one. Also I have ruled out that this is not strictly a problem in shuffle as it happened while using the new Genius mode today as well.

    I have posted this topic on the Mac Support forums and the only responses I have got was to reset to factory settings (which did not fix the problem) and a call from Apple with no solution to the problem. I was hoping that someone here had encountered this same situation and found a way to fix it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Smile I Have Found A solution
    i have also A 16Gb Nano and i was have the same problem
    it becomes from mp3 files that have the wrong time settings at the end of the song.
    example: if you play a song in an audio player on your pc that have an time of (example) 3:15min an the song ends at 3:04min then you must reconvert the mp3 with the same bitrate and the problem must be solvd

    also use best a constant bitrate for your songs

    you must reconvert the mp3 songs that are bad with the same bitrate if there have a constant bitrate and if it vbr mp3 songs convert them to constant bitrate at 320bits for best quality

    a good converting program is "advanced mp3 converter"
    thats the one i am use

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