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Thread: iPod Nano or iPod Touch?

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    iPod Nano or iPod Touch?
    I am looking for some advice. I just got an Apple gift card for the b-day , and I am trying to decide b/w a new Nano 16GB or an iPod Touch. I currently have a shuffle for working out, and I have an iPod video 80GB for use primarily at home. I would think the Nano would be great for the gym/car/home/work, but the iPod touch looks so cool! I won't be getting an iPhone for another year and a half b/c I am stuck in my current cell phone contract, so the iPod Touch is appealing because I could have all those cool features now.

    Thanks for your thoughts/advice!

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    Im new to all of apple but imo I would go with the ipod touch. i saw it over the weekend and it looked super neat, and does a whole lot of things. If you still need a yr to go before you get the iphone i say get the itouch.
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    I beg to differ - the iTouch IS that great (for me).

    It just depends upon what your requirements actually ARE. I travel a lot and the ability to use wireless, contacts, currency exchange etc etc is first class.

    The entertainment value (audiobooks as well as music) is unsurpassed. The screen shows my photos and videos incredibly clearly too.

    If you just need an mp3 player etc, then either would probably be great - the Nano is outstanding in its styling and battery life.

    As was pointed out, the Nano is much cheaper.

    So, it's just down to personal choice based upon what YOU need (want) it for. Either way, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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    i used mine for pictures,music and many other things

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