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    interface and looks wise, ipods are sleek and easy to use. just why must it take forever to make playlists and upload them all?!

    is it because i have like 800 albums, and im trying to put about 200 onto my 40 giger? =/

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    Are you using the USB 2.0 or the Firewire to connect the iPod?
    How are the albums encoded (AAC, MP3... 128kb/s, 192kb/s?)

    Give us details, man!

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    sounds like you should be using the smart playlist option from the file menu...should help organizing some songs if not alreayd organized


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    well. i didn't mean to look as if i'm having any problems. it's just that my 40 giger when empty took me a good 3-4 hours to put songs onto. with having to make playlists for EVERY album =/

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    you know you can play by album...but your proble mis solved by smart playlists and or chaning your multiple disc album names to one name and marking the disc# in the tag

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    yeah when you are putting the albums into itunes make sure and fill in the "album" column. you can do it to all the songs at once by selecting them all and pressing command-i. (get info) problem solved??

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