Hi everyone, I have a small problem concerning play counts, like i'm sure hundreds before me have, but i think mine is a unique one.

First off, i started my itunes account when i was first getting into music, and i had accumulated a large amounts of playcounts on artists like the Beatles, Springsteen, and Dylan, my introductions into music.

Then i installed vista.

That erased all my data, or so i thought. i started a new library, and accumulated tons of listens on newer artists like The Hold Steady, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, etc.

Then i found my old, year old play counts, which i thought had been long gone in the form of an xml file ( i was transferring my .xml file over to my brand new mac, wish i had known about the xml's before vista)

Anyway, now i have two libraries, my oldies and my newbies, and i'd like to combine them. My new playcounts are on my ipod, and my old ones are on my mac itunes. Is there anyway to bring the ipod Playcounts back onto my Mac's Itunes? (doing it manually is out of the question; Itunes registry says i have 1000's of playcounts on each The Hold Steady, Spoon, Springsteen, The Beatles, etc.

I also have my old and new xml files.

Thanks for any help