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Thread: Screen problem

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    Screen problem
    When i lets say playing a song. and wanna sleep the ipod. nothing is wrong. when i try to resume the playback, everything works fine. Just the screen is just showing white and a few dogdy stripes. when i then put it back to sleep and resume it. everything is back to normal. when i sleep it again and resume the white screen with a few stripes come up, and etc etc. anyone know what i should do? i think it been a year or so since i bought it. is there a way to check this?

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    I think it's just a problem with the screen going out on you. I think it's possible that it may be broken. You can either continue to do what you're doing, or purchase a new iPod. Apple may be able to repair it so I'd check with them first to see your options.

    Terrible loss though, I love my iPod, can't wait till I get the touch.

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