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    iTrip Trap...
    I want to listen to my 1 Gen. ipod via my car radio cassette player (don't want to buy a CD player). The iTrip seems the obvious way to go - but I've read that if you are in 'urban/city/town' areas the reception/sound can be very poor/crackly. Are the cheap PodGear or Belkin cassette adapters a more 'reliable' if not better sounding way to listen to the ipod in the car in built up areas? Or are these cassette devices so horrible and nasty that I should never mention them again on MacForum?!

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    Cassette devices get the best quality. Thats what I use
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    Ive used the itrp in the city, in big buildings too, and its like listening to an old walkman or cd player with built in tuner. as far as listening to the ipod in the car, I use an adapter that connects the ipod to my home stereo via rca jacks, most after market car stereos have rca jacks in back for dvd players and such, you could do that and play straight from the ipod like listening to it on your mac.

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    The cassette adapter will give you a stable connection, better sound quality and is less expensive. After a couple of frustrating trips with the itrip I switched to a cassette adapter. Now the only time I use the iTrip is at home, to pipe my mini through the home stereo.

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