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    Keeping my MP3's on my iPod only

    I just bought a 120GB iPod so I could free up the 50GB of music from my hard drive on my laptop. I transfered everything to my iPod but is there a selection to delete MP3's from the hard drive once they're on the iPod? I want to keep my hard drive free of MP3's but I don't see a way of transferring straight to the iPod.

    Also, if my girlfriend has an iPod, can we plug them both in at the same time and transfer from one iPod to the other?

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    You could try and set the preferences so that your ipod won't sync with your computer when you plug it in. I think there is a option to manually manage your mp3s.

    After that you can never sync your ipod, you need to drag songs from your computer directly to your ipod.

    Never tried to hook up two ipods to the same computer before.

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