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    new apple headphones?
    1) are they fully compatible with the iphone 3g? the website just mentions ipod, i cant imagine apple being dumb enough to exclude the iphon though.

    2) does anyone have any clue on the actual release date? once again apples website just says 'soon' about a new product.. so obnoxious

    thanks for any help!

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    Link? I haven't heard anything about new headphones. But if they work wit Ipod then they WILL work with iphone.


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    Thread moved to more appropriate forum. Please read before posting in Rumors & Reports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theraker007 View Post
    1) are they fully compatible with the iphone 3g?
    Good question. I DO know the iphone 3g's buds are fully compatible with the new nano, including the triple-click. I wonder if Apple will scrap the iPhone buds and just use these updated ones for all the ipods (well, the 2 that clearly matter to Apple anyway).
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    The website lists as not (sure you'll be able to listen to music, but in regards to the clicker), although I would guess that the 2.1 update would include the appropriate driver for them. That would seem the logical thing for Apple to have done and would also explain why the iPhone isn't listed.
    There wasn't anyone available when I checked, but you could always use the chat feature on the Apple store and ask them.
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    The ones that include a mic and a volume control are not compatible with the iPhone, I believe. I guess you could still use it, but those extra controls won't work?

    It does work with the Nano and the iPod Touch 2nd gen.

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