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    New feature on the nano
    So I guess the new nano will allow you to just shake it, if you want to shuffle songs. Sounds kinda neat. Does anyone have any idea how that might work if I was jogging or riding a bike(and maybe hit a bump). Would that automatically shuffle songs? Perhaps that shuffle feature can be turned off? Maybe you have to shake it really violently for the shuffle to occur.

    Any thoughts?

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    i never really thought about that. I do have this app on my iphone where you have to shake it for it to activate. You have to shake it rigorously for it to activate though so maybe the ipod nano shake feature will be the same?

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    The hold switch disables the accelerometer as well as the click-wheel. In addition, there is a setting to turn 'shake to shuffle' off. So, I think you're covered.
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    does the iphone shake to shuffle?

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    I have a nano, and to shuffle the song you have to shake it quite hard. The thing that bugs me is the cover flow feature when you tip the nano to the side, especially when you are listening to music lying down.

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    Yeah, don't worry about it. I took mine running today and had no problem with sake to shuffle. The iPhone does not have the shake to shuffle feature.

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