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    New cases for iPod Touch and iPod Classic?
    I know it's obvious that the iPod Nano will need new cases but what about these other two iPod's.
    I have both an 80GB iPod Classic and a 8GB iPod Touch that I got with the purchase of an iMac.
    Even with the iPod Classic it seems whenever I purchased a case in some cases they would have cases that were listed for the 80GB Classic and the 160GB Classic

    Now that the new 120GB Classic is out will these work with it or if I upgrade will I need a new cases?

    I know there were memory upgrades to the iPod Touch but was the size changed at all? From what I'm seeing I think it may be a minor change in size like from the iPhone to iPhone 3G but I know this slight change meant a new case was needed. Is this also true with the new iPod Touch?

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    I'm guessing...but I'm going to say yes. I have the 1g iTouch and I'm going to go to the apple store today to get my case. I know if I wait any longer it won't be available and all i'll be able to find are the cases for the (new)2g iTouch.

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    For the classic... I dont know but think you will be ok with your old case.

    For the touch... there is volume hard keys on the side now... plus its a little slimmer. I am guessing you can use your same case, but it will not be 100% skin tight. When I get mine... I will test it out in my body-glove case and post up some pics/help as soon as I can get my hands on one.

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