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    When is the new stuff avaliable?
    I just happened to check out the forums a few days ago and didn't realize the buzz about some new ipods and such.

    I am not here to speculate what they might be.(Seems like there are lots of discussions about that)

    I am just curious when the stuff becomes avaliable. Is it suddenly unvieled in stores today?tommorrow? Do different merchants run out their supply of old stuff and than order new stuff? Is the goal just to get it in stores before Christmas?

    Just wondering when I should look for it in stores.

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    Usually the stores get shipments so they can start to sell the products the day it is released.

    But with Apple, no one really knows ..
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    I suspect that you will have your answer by the end of the day today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaygray View Post
    I suspect that you will have your answer by the end of the day today.
    Yep.. seems like the Store is closed now. " We'll be back soon. "
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    I am in houston (big city) and we still dont have any in... They are guessing friday will be the day

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    My local store has the new nanos in 8gb. I didn't ask about the classics or touches though.
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    The new Nano just came out. Quite amazing, I think it's pretty neat. Usually the day a new Apple product comes out the stores immediately have it.

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