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    Can hear the clicking scroll wheel, but no music
    OK so a few weeks ago my 30GB iPod Video stopped outputting music. I read online that one guy had success with putting his iPod in the freezer so I figured "What the heck!" Well, after defrosting the iPod I can hear the clicking from the scroll wheel in my headphones, but not the music.

    What gives?!

    [Edit] Also, I hear a crackle in my right ear piece when I turn the volume all the way up...
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    Have you tried reformatting or replacing the iPod HD? Since you can hear the scroll wheel click, I don't think the issue is with the headphone jack or something related to it. A reformat/replace might fix it.

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    Does the iPod at least play the music? The freezer solution is really specific to serious hard drive issues. You might want to take the iPod apart and see if anything on the board looks fried (unless it's under warranty and you can get Apple to take care of it for you).
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