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    Refreshing iTunes
    Quote Originally Posted by Macman
    when you say how do I refresh my itunes library, what do you mean, or what are you wanting to do?
    More newbe stuff

    I have a separate download directory where I keep basically all my music and new DL's,when I first ran iTunes I pointed it to that directory and it copied all my mp3 files without issue,during the holidays I ripped a few more songs from my CD/Cassette/LP collection then used "add folder to library" iPod command and it jumped thru it's paces but after completion I noticed several duplicate copies of what was already copied during setup.

    I'm still way to new to this process but at this stage I really hope I'll be able to use Realplayer..much more robust and being able to DL from all services is also a huge plus..but I'm still very open to all this.

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    open itunes, click Edit>show duplicates, then just delete the dups and itll say something like: this file is located in your itunes library, do you wish to move it to the trash? click ok, and itll delete the dup. and what do you mean you clicked add folder to library? I see no command like that. so is what you want done in itunes just to delete dups to keep your songs organized?

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