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    Nessesary iPod accessories
    I'm a new Ipod 4G owner (still waiting for it to arrive),
    what accessories/software will make my Ipod life better..currently I have itunes,realplayer v10.5,podutil software and the Belkin all in one accessory kit.

    One silly do I refresh iTunes library?

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    realplayer isnt really necessary, you may want the itrip or other fm transmitter if you wanna listen to the radio on your ipod, youll need a carrying case/device of some kind,
    when you say how do I refresh my itunes library, what do you mean, or what are you wanting to do?

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    you also might want to look at the site Pod2Go, ( invention for iPod users. it let's you download Pod casts, audio books, news, your forecast, what the show time is in your nearest movie theater, stocks, horoscopes, lyrics, directions, and lets you sync you applications in Stickies, iCal, let you read your e-mails,and look into your adress book. there's a 12 day trail, and then afterward you must pay a fee to use it. hope you enjoy it!

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    Buy headphones, I personally don't like the iPod earphones. That's just me though. Sennheiser is a good mid-fi brand and usually doesn't require an amplifier.

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    As noted above a good place to start is some of the iPod sites; I like A really useful add-on for me has been an external battery pack. It more than doubles the playtime of the mini. (Of course, the ultimate external battery would be a BMW, but that's not in the budget.)

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    The Griffin iTrip is awesome, I use it all the time

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    OoOrrr.... you could buy the mac mini that's a great accesory to any iPod. :flower: well i suggest that you look around for the new bose sounddock. Bose are known for the clarity of the sound, and how well it sounds. it's $299 but it's well worth it, it charges your ipod, works for any ****ing connector,and for when you'd like to take your music outside of your computer and share it with everyone. hope it helps...

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    My accessory list for my 40 Gb 4th gen. looks a bit like this:

    Shure E2 Headphones
    Apple Remote
    iSkin w/ screen protector (best case ever made IMO)
    Griffin iTrip
    DLO Auto Power Charger
    15" Powerbook (best accessory ever)

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    Pineapple Devil
    get an iSkin evo2 case in arctic. some of the best money you'll spend for it

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    i like the i skin but to be honest i have
    I had my iPod since x mas
    I wanted it so bad
    Now I barely even use it

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    I have never bought a case for mine, it still looks good. I would suggest getting some way to hook it to your car stereo, iTrip is decent but hard wiring is much better.

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    If you are looking for something to hardwire to your car stereo, check this site:


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    My accessories for my 15 GB 3G iPod:

    - Sony EX-71 earbuds (best ones I've heard so far)
    - Marware Convertible Case
    - XTremeMac car charger cord
    - Stereo mini-to-stereo mini plug for my Tivoli table radio
    - Stereo Y-cable (RCA-to-stereo mini) for my amplifier at home

    ...and for listening in the car, I found an adapter that connects to the CD changer port in my trunk and gives me a line-in from my headphone jack. Noise-free iTunage in the car!

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    I forgot to mention the Vaja case (from the apple store). Best case I've ever owned for any portable device

    On a separate note, RealPlayer is complete garbage!

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