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    Source of dock connectors?
    Has anybody found a source of dock connectors in Aus?

    I mean just the plugs, so you can connect only the lines you want (I'm custom rigging a car input)

    Something like what this guy does in the US?

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    Jan 01, 2007
    Just in case anyone searches who is also looking, I found what I need in Radio Parts in Melbourne. (it's not on their online store, but was in the shop)

    It's a cheap dock, $25 (though it rang up as $15 when I bought it, so bargain!), that does line out, USB and Firewire connections.

    Probably not much use as a dock, as it says it won't ch rage from USB on the packet.

    For my project I really only need a 12v input (firewire power) and line out, which this has.

    There's not really much inside, just a straight connection to the connectors. Makes me wonder they say you can use headphones when it's line out, so you can't change the volume A bit of desoldering and the board with the connector on will be perfect to attach my wires to.

    Anyway it looked like this inside:

    The dock and packet looked like this:

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