Hi im new to this site, just signed up so dont go hating on me with my first post.

got an Ipod Classic 80gb last year (nov) and im having an issue syncing it and updating it. On my mac it gives me an error saying, 'Ipod cannot be synced'. This happens when i try to play music from it through my mac, it doesnt work. Also when i try and drop files into it or do anything with the folders it doesnt allow it, not a permission problem though. On the windows i was able tried restoring it, to my surprise it followed through nicley but it didnt actually restore it to factory settings. It remained the exact same after the restore as is was before. Also just like on the Mac, with windows i still cant play any music and cant write to the ipod.

If anyone could shed some light on this problem that would be wonderful. I've tried a search but could find any past topics on this.