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    Audio Only Comes Out Of Left Channel
    Hey Mac Forum Fam,

    I thought it was my headphones that were causing the problem so I plugged in other headphones and speakers into my iPod, and received the same result. Audio only comes out of the left channel, unless i move the piece around. Anyone ever have this problem, and was able to fix? Or is it time for a new iPod?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I had this problem. The genius at the apple store told me that if you wrap your headphone cord around your ipod (especially tightly) it will break one of the channel's connector. Luckily mine was covered under warranty and they replaced it for free, but I think I got lucky with that one. If yours isn't covered than ebay search for a *your type of iPod* headphone jack and it is relatively easy to replace if you know how to use google and you're fairly tech saavy.

    Hope this helps!

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