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    Is there an update to stop Safari issues after 2.0?
    Please read...

    My wife has an 8gb iPod Touch. Ever since I convinced her to upgrade to 2.0, safari crashes all the time. In a 10-15 minute period, her Safari might crash 2-3 times. There is no consistancy of sites that are visited when this happens, no commond practices that cause this, it is totally random, but happens often.

    We made an appointment back when this started happening and talked to a tech at the Apple store. They said it's a known issue, and that an update will be coming out ASAP to fix it.

    I had not seen an update up untill 2 weeks ago when I went from a PC laptop to a MacBook (which I LOVE!). We have not connected the Touch to the Mac because we don't want to wipe it yet, so we don't know if the update is out.

    Can someone please tell me if this update is out yet, and also if you were having the same issue and fixed it somehow?


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    The 2.1 update is out, and I believe it fixed many of the bugs from 2.0

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