Yesterday I ordered my first Ipod (what took so long? the 4G,today I purchased from Costco the Belkin all in one accessory kit for what looks like an excellent comes with

Tunecast II
Mobile Power Cord
Y Audio Cable (2 rca/3.5mm) for home stereo reciever
Cassette Adapter
Speaker and Headphone Splitter
Leather flip case

Price was $87

I've been trying to find this same kit on the net to compare prices but with no luck..could this have been an exclusive Costco thing?

update==== I found it but it seems to be a UK product offering not a US so I'm assuming it was/is a costco exclusive.

Just a side note,Costco sold 3 pallets of 4G's in 5 hours for $379 plus tax..I got mine at D-Buys (net) for $368