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Thread: Linux on my 'Pod?

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    Linux on my 'Pod?
    Hey guys!

    Just look how cool this seems to be:

    Yes, it *does* look cool. And from their disclaimer, there seems to be no great danger in installing it (at least no one had problems with it since its introduction in 2002). However, it installs modified firmware in the iPod. Does that kind of thing void my warranty? Or will restoring the iPod to its factory condition (in case something goes slightly wrong) clear any traces of those modifications?

    I wonder why didn't anyone post something about this, and I'd love to know if it's ok to install it thanks!

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    I talked about it awhile back. Someone wanted games on their iPod.

    Check it out:

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    ya i heard about this somewhere,i plan to put i on my mini when i get my photo

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    i have the linux on my 3rd gen a couple of months ago..and its cool i guess...the extra games are nice but i took it off i found there were somethings about it i didnt like, the star ratings i think werent there, which i do use alot to rate my songs to know which ones i wanna keep and which ones i dont want to..

    i found that there were some other things that i didnt like aswell such as the fact that it doesnt plac aac files which i do have a lot of and even the odd mp3 file too.
    by restoring your ipod it basicaly is like formating your computer and re-installing it will remove the linux software and everything will be back to normal.

    the way the linux works to me seemed like a dual boot machine when you start up it loads into the linux mode loading that firmware and when you dont and boot into the apple side it loads the apple firmware, yet i may not be understanding the background process

    now its been a while since ive had linux on my pod so alot of my old problems might have been resolved but try it out for yourself and let us know waht you think

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    how would remove the linux once u've installed it is what i wanna know??? really intrested but once i get bored (sick ) of it i would like to go bak to the original......give me details(i'm kinda slow!!)....

    thnxx in advance.!! :dive:

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    I think, as he mentioned, you have to reformat/erase your ipod to remove linux. does doing this cause a problem with the pixo os that is the ipods os? what about firmware conflicts or problems, I know that the firmware on the ipod is very delicate.

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