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Thread: ipod formating

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    Unhappy ipod formating
    hi i am a new mac user. till now i was using windows, and i have i ipod classic 80 giga and i formated it in macintosh but after some days i had to use it in windows for some data transfer and i had to format it in windows and then i tried to use it in mac but it doesnt work in mac neither in windows in itunes it just works like a remove able disk. in ipod it shows like 0 KB free and 0 KB used. can anybody help me with this. and sorry for my english

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    Very strange. Formatting your iPod on a Windows system will result in a FAT32 filesystem, therefore it should be compatible with both.
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    I though so too but when I bought my new mac, I put all my music into itunes on it, and synced it (synced a windows formatted ipod) and just about all of my music when I played it would be very little music and a bunch of strange noises. and nearly every song I played that did actually contain music ended early. which like you said it should be compatible with both but I have no idea what was up with this.

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    go into itunes in windows and see if you can restore it.?
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    Your iPod is likely stuck in Disc Mode.

    Plug in the iPod to either Machine, press and hold the Center and Menu Button for about 10 seconds until the iPod resets. Then, while the Apple logo is till on the screen, press and hold the Center and Play button for about 10 seconds. The iPod should then show up in iTunes.

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