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    Question iPod Nano trashed by software update.
    I bought a nano about 4 months ago. I used a then work computer (macPro) to transfer all my music (my G4 powerbook at home didn't have USB 2.0).

    So anyway I bought a new MacPro desktop for home, hooked up my nano, it told me my ipod was synced to a different computer (which I no longer have access to), so I transferred my bought music to my itunes on my new computer and updated my nano software.

    That's when my nano stopped working. I have restored it several time with little luck. It will let me start to sync but gets stuck on like the 27th song out of 500. It just hangs and I can't eject it or quit itunes.

    Any ideas on what to do? I'm kicking myself for updating the ipod software.

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    Aug 14, 2008
    You were soo right whn you kicked your self , it is because i had feeling of suicide when i did that,
    I hevnt synched. my ipod , but i did sunched. my mobile phone for teh latest update and finally got my mobiel phone without any software at all.
    Then i hade to pass UV ray and erase and then install software again.

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