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    Carl Swan
    please help, my Ipod is dead

    I have had my ipod for around 11 months now and for the last month it has randomly just stopped playing in the middle of a song and froze for around 45 minutes. Also whan I connect it to my g5 all it displays is a symbol which looks like a record with a check box sittin in the lower left corner of the disc, I don't have a clue whats going on with it. Do you guys think I should send it to apple or what? also my ipod is really scratched and I was wondering if you can get new cases fitted on them?

    many thanks

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    hmm, does this happen on the same song all the time, or any song? is its software up to date? try a ipod disk scan, to do this, reset/restart the ipod by holding down menu and play buttons until you see the apple logo, at the apple logo, hold rew/reverse, menu, play, and FF, it should start a scan disk process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macman
    is its software up to date?
    regardless of the software/drivers build, it should not freeze up randomly. not unless the newer builds were to fix a problem such as random lock-ups =P

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    I would try a complete restore.

    Hook up the iPod and open the iPod software updater software.
    There select the 'restore' option to erase and re-install the iPod's software...

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    The mac 13
    send back to apple coz u have one month left!!!

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