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    My Ipod Touch (32GB) keeps freezing! please help!
    hi, i recently jailbroke my ipod (1.1.4) and worked perfectly i.e installing fine, music, safari all working. then after a few apps i downloaded, my ipod began to start freezing. everything would freeze; home screen fine, then when i open safari or installer, always freezes and never manages to open, and with music takes a few seconds to freeze, weather never opens, maps no chance and can just about handle about 30 seconds on the settings. when it freezes the screen stays on but doesn't respond, and i have to wait till it auto locks to re use, or do a hard reset (i think its called when you hold the sleep/wake button and the home)
    i got fed up and i restored my ipod, and kept trying to jailbreak as well. then i got fed up and decided not to jailbreak, when i accidentally upgraded to 1.1.5 which worked fine, i.e safari, music, movies.
    but i really wanted to jailbreak it so i jail broke that too but still has same problem. then i decided to find a way to downgrade(by following this man's advice:;...
    then i tried to jailbreak again, and now i have to same freezing problems on my now 1.1.4 ipod touch (32gb).

    please does anyone know what my problem is, and even better how to fix it?

    thanks for your time, any help is much appreciated!

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    I think the common denominator is Jailbreak here!

    You might be best finding a Jailbreak forum, but it just sounds like the 3rd party unsupported hacking software is bugged to me.

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