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    Syncing/backing up times - Longer with 2.0?
    I dont know whats up with my touch. Back before 2.0 I would plug it in and it would transfer over songs/video in 10 minutes max... but now I plug it in and it backs up and then transfers things and I am lucky to get my touch back in less than 30 minutes. Is anyone having the same problems? Any thoughts on how to speed things up? Thanks in advance guys.

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    Many people are experiencing those kinds of sync times with iPod Touch and iPhone. The only thing you can do is cancel your backup. There is a little button with an x on it at the top of iTunes by the status bar. If you are only syncing music and media you don't really need a backup of that because it isn't included. But if you make changes to home screens and other system prefs it's good to keep a backup. Just let it do it once a day or whatever you are comfortable with.

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    I went from 1.1.4 to 2.0, no problems. No change in speed.
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